SMEs are our VIP guests. 

The engine and foundation of the European economy are SMEs. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) make up 59% of all manufacturing-related businesses, accounting for 45% of all manufacturing value added.

Europe’s manufacturing SMEs blend knowledge, tradition, artisanal and industrial know-how, inventiveness, and adaptability. They frequently produce exceptional and distinctive goods and services. They still have a lot to learn about embracing digitalization, however.

To adapt to market uncertainty and increase business chances, SMEs in all industries are urged to adopt technology more quickly. SMEs know that technology has enormous advantages and risk falling behind by ignoring the opportunities available.

However, it is also evident that companies require assistance and guidance to develop a roadmap for digital transformation. Companies also need the right expert at the right moment to adopt the appropriate digital technologies gradually and sustainably and prevent the loss of time, money, and effort.


Where can you get such specialized and skilled profiles if your regular local network doesn’t seem to be able to recommend any top candidates?

How can innovation be injected without affecting business as usual?

How can we make the shift to service models?


Where can I locate the perfect inventor with a good idea for my company?

Where can I get the specialist in product innovation I need to win the contest?

Where can I find funding options to bring in innovation?

How can innovation help me create environmentally friendly processes and products?

Prepare for Success

How should I test ideas before I invest?

How can SMEs collaborate to successfully compete in the global market?

How can I market my products in new markets?

How can I safeguard my innovation?

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