The chefs at AREA are masters at putting together complex flavor combinations.

Talented chefs who are professionals in industrial research, global innovation initiatives, marketing and business development, intellectual property protection, and internationalization staff our kitchen.

Our chefs spent several years working in the Middle East and Africa, which allowed them to expand their horizons and create a genuinely worldwide network in technology transfer.

Our chefs frequently partner with a network of industry specialists from research centers and universities around Europe and beyond to offer specialized solutions tailored to each visitor’s demands.


We give our clients
our very best.

The AREA team can rely on the knowledge of researchers, inventors, and marketing professionals from throughout Europe and beyond to promote SME innovation in the following areas.

Collaborative robotics
Remote expert solutions for staff in the field
Virtual Reality
Digital Twins
Advanced materials 
Internet of Things
3D manufacturing

    Chef de cuisine

    Our Master Chef

    The founder and managing director of AREA is Adriano. 

    He has much experience working in industrial R&D teams in West Africa and Europe. He is an industrial technology transfer expert with a plethora of knowledge. His experience in creating prototypes, pilot studies, and manufacturing facilities for significant players in many vertical markets (Calligaris, Alifax, Solari, among others) has given him a thorough awareness of various businesses’ demands and difficulties.

    Adriano has overseen the commercial operations of IO Furniture, a manufacturing SME with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, testing his capacity for flexibility and productivity in many social contexts. He is thoroughly aware of technology’s role in business operations and supply chain management thanks to his expertise in driving the digitization of business processes and the integration of logistics networks.

    Adriano also oversees the strategic planning for Prototipi, an SME that works with AREA to help SMEs in West Africa digitize and transfer technology, promoting the expansion of companies in emerging markets.

    His current priorities include introducing innovative technologies for remote maintenance and employee training.


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